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Direct Selection

If you already know which article you want to select, the direct search leads fast to a proposed result. The reference number, type designation or other parts of the article description can be used thereby as seach parameters. Writing in upper or lower case, blank or special character make no difference.


Search after reference number 00211: 00211 or 211 provides the same hit. 21 provides all articles with the number 21 in the reference number.
Search after type HRFW 500/4 TK: "HRFW500 / 4" or "hrfw5004" or "hrfw - 500 - 4 tk" lead all to the correct result.
Search for parts of the article description: "axial high efficiency fan", "fan application" or "duct" are valid filters.

Accessories and fixtures like filters, heating batteries, control components are indicated with "accessories".

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